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LeafBarcode scaling option. When creating labels with barcodes there is a new option to allow scaling of the barcode. Activate the option on the barcode design field and the barcode will scale to fit the chosen are on the label.

NOTE: This is still an experimental option and we discourage using the feature unless you have the means of testing and verifying the quality of the resulting barcodes. The normal, non-scaled barcodes are designed in a "pixel perfect" manner that should work with most printers. But should you need a slightly smaller barcode footprint, the scaling feature can be used to reduce the size. You must fully test the quality of the barcodes on the actual printed labels. This is because scaling the bars, and blanks in between the bars, can introduce subtleties that can reduce the quality of the barcode read. It can cause reading performance issues or even completely unreadable codes.

LeafFixed printing of rotated barcodes. Positioning of barcodes on the label was incorrect if the barcode was rotated. This release corrects the problem.

LeafFixed Sales Rep Edition not loading Orders Window consistently.The Orders Window was not consistently loading the initial orders list unless you did some sort of search or other filter selections. This issue has been corrected and the initial set of orders show correctly.

LeafTechnical changes to the Gallery and Slide Shows storage. Largely done for standards and performance reasons, it does make it easier to change the order of the pictures in a list. No more sequence numbers, just use the sort button to change the desired order of appearance! The server software was changed to store the Slide Show information differently. All Slide Show data is retrieved in a single server request making for faster website operations This brings the Gallery and Slide Shows up to new standards.


LeafAdded Pallet % to the Product settings. Along with Load Factor and Weight, there's a new Pallet % field that you can use to plan pallets.

LeafUpgraded pricing storage. The pricing block attached to each product in the catalog was stored in a custom field. It now uses a standard format which gives us more flexibility to use modern database tools and generally better performance.


LeafOverhaul of Order Periods and Order Types. Rather than being formal Order Types and Periods, they have been converted much simpler, more generic order /grouping/ fields called Grouping 1 and Grouping 2. You can name the grouping fields anything you like and use them any way you see fit. You are also free to enter any value into the field on the order. You can still quickly choose from preset options to speed up data entry, but you can also enter any other text.

We converted your existing non-hidden types and periods to the Grouping1 and Grouping2, respectively.

Previously, Order Types and Order Periods were maintained by using Action > Maintain > Order Types or Order Periods. Now they are changed through the Action > Maintain > Member Settings on the Order Groups tab. From there you can change the labels to anything you like as you can decide how you want to organize your orders into groups. You can then modify the list of preset options. These are the options you're presented with to speed up entry.


LeafThe materials load up to 75% faster. The Material Window certainly loads much quicker, but since materials are also loaded for nearly all other operations, it will have a broader impact on PlantX performance.

LeafAn improved Material Facts edit window. The performance improvements included rebuilding related information, like the Material Facts, it required a rewrite of the editor, Action > Maintain > Materials Facts.

LeafCleaner, simplified handling of Material Facts. This upgrade includes a redesign of the material facts, which eliminates three database tables and the need to retrieve data from three sources. This means much fewer tiny bits of information are loaded on every operation. Less busy work means faster responses for users or customers browsing the website. This is the last of four upgrades that were required to make this change.

LeafDatabase table upgrades. For broader compatibility, we upgraded some of the tables to a more universal character set to support odd characters that could be included in material facts.

LeafImproved tracking of website transactions. We track various statistics during web operations and this upgrade gives us more details on web activity. For example, before we install an upgrade at night, we like to be certain no customers are shopping (because they do shop at midnight!) and this tool tells us the website is idle.

LeafBetter control over caching of data. This is a new tool we can use to manage how much information is cached during daily operations.