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Instant Updates

Instant Updates

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Website Hosting

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Monthly Membership

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With PlantX we offer software as service. No more sticker shock or confusing installations with the other guys, all you need is an internet connection to get started! Our software is different than others in that everything you need to do, you can do it right from the same window. Email, tags, reports, inventory, orders, you get the picture.

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We love customer feedback, it's what has kept us going for 23 years.

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24/7 data back ups keep you more safe than a vault.

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Our installation is so quick, you are going to miss us when it's over.

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Release 07/18/17

Added more options when an order is copied

Add column to Statements Window

Consignment Edition: added search features for gift certificates


Release 07/17/17

Maintenance upgrade for minor fixes and tuning

Bug Fix for Small issue with drawing of catalog items in a "tree" view

Bug Fix for Load Manager view not expanding automatically

Bug Fix for A rare database error causes PlantX to stop responding and disconnect

Web Improvement

Bug Fix for Load Manager view not expanding automatically


Release 07/11/17

Removed a feature from Sales Rep Edition

Delete multiple Quick Pics at once

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Eshraghi Nursery
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