Software Updates
  • Truck Window Update You no longer have to assign stop numbers when building a truck. The stop list now supports drag-n-drop! Just click, drag and drop the stops into the route order. Also, should you need to move a load to another stop, simply drag the load to the other stop. If you need a load picked or dropped at another address entirely, double-click the load and set either the pick or drop address and a new stop will automatically be created.
  • Word wrap for message popup tips When you waive over a message with long text, it would appear as one long string. The popup detail will now wrap to be more presentable and also shows any hard returns (new lines) correctly.

  • Default cost for catalog items In the Inventory Window > Settings tab you can set the default cost for any newly added supplies.

  • Orders listed on the website are called "Archived" rather than "Hidden" Using the term "Hidden" for orders that have been hidden, didn't make sense to web users. We changed the term to "Archived" to reduce confusion.

  • Delete or hiding catalog items removes the item from customer carts If a product is deleted or hidden, the product is removed from any customer shopping carts. When the customer signs in and views their cart, they will get a notice that an item has been removed from their cart.

  • Bug Fix: Special characters in the order contact information Special characters beyond the basics were not recognized in the contact information on the order.

  • Bug Fix: Permanent "bookmarkable" links fixed Websites that offer bookmarkable links are now working correctly.

  • Bug Fix: fixed hard error on broker servers An error was encountered that caused the broker server to restart.
  • Merge supplies from Crop Window You can now select two supplies from the list on the Crop Window and the merge button will be presented.

  • Location Window option to move supplies When viewing the list of supplies on the Location Window, you can drag-n-drop the supply to a different location. This feature behaves just like the drag-n-drop in the Inventory Window, but rather than change the catalog item (size), you can move inventory to a different location.

  • Reducing duplicate materials When you enter a new material, PlantX will do a "fuzzy search" on the existing materials and suggest possible duplicates. A fuzzy search means that the matches don't have to be exact, just close. It's not an exact science, but it should go a long way to preventing duplicates from being added. The search for duplicates includes searching hidden materials.

  • Report multi-save You can now select multiple reports and a folder for which to put them in and PlantX will download and save them all at once. Of course, be careful what you ask for, the more reports you select, the longer the operation will take.

  • Add Report feature starts quicker We now load the preview images in background so the Add Report window appears quicker.

  • Inventory Move has improved checks When moving inventory, you can no longer move more from the supply than you have on-hand. This prevents from moving inventory from one supply to another without having enough on-hand in the source supply.

  • New order's use shipping account contact information If you create an order that uses a parent and child account for billing and shipping, the shipping contact information will come from the shipping child account.

  • Quick entry is faster When using the quick entry features, you can now use the CTRL+ENTER key combination to execute the add. Previously, you had to tab to the Add button and press Enter (or space bar) to complete the addition. You can now press the shortcut key CTRL+ENTER and reduce keystrokes. This applies to the quick entry for order items on the Order Window > Order Items Tab, and to the supply entry on the Crop and Location windows.

  • Tune-up to the Automatic Invoiced feature There is a member setting that causes an Order to be marked as invoiced should an invoice be created on an Order. This was problematic if the order had multiple shipments and multiple invoices; after the first invoice, the order was automatically set to invoiced. Now the feature will only set the Order to Invoiced status if in fact all allocations have been invoiced.

  • Better catalog item copy When a catalog item is copied, it includes the word "Copy" in the name. Once you made a change to the copied catalog item, making it different from the original, the word Copy was removed. Previously, this included changing any setting, the Copy indicator disappeared, and once again made it difficult to tell the old from new. Now the word Copy is only removed if and when you change the attributes on the copied catalog item.

  • Improved QuickBooks Export error reporting If the QB export failed, we weren't able to locate the cause of the message. We've improved on the error reporting which should help us support users with failed exports to QB.

  • Create Retailer feature now includes fax number You can quickly create a Retailer entry by selecting a customer's address record. Previously, the feature did not copy the fax number.

  • Hidden crops and supplies are now hidden on the Android app Crops and supplies are regularly hidden to avoid using outdated information. The Android app was still showing some hidden entries, but this release ensures they are hidden.

  • Fixed the "Address Bar Empty" error When sending an email while including an email address on the CC line, PlantX returned the error "Address Bar Empty". The issue has been fixed as well as a few other tune ups.
  • New discount option Action > Maintain > Member Settings > Orders Tab now offers an option to use discount rate applied to the child customer account (shipping account). This is where you have a parent billing account and child shipping account. Rather than use the billing account's discount rate, PlantX will use the shipping account discount rate. So if the parent account's rate applies to all child customer accounts, then don't use this setting. But if you need to apply a different discount for each shipping customer, use this option and set the rate on each account.

  • Batch delete supplies from Crop Window You can now delete multiple selected supplies in the Crop Window. If you select more than one, PlantX will attempt to delete them. If any of the entries can't be deleted, they won't be deleted. If a supply isn't deleted, try deleting it by itself and PlantX will show you the reason.

  • Prevent duplicate Catalog Items To avoid duplicate catalog items, PlantX will show a red warning message that you have selected duplicate attributes. PlantX checks your selection against all catalog items, both current and hidden.

  • Order Load Report save settings There is a new option to save the load report selections so you can record your favorite settings.

  • Prevent duplicate retailers When adding a new retailer, PlantX will prevent you from adding a duplicate.

  • Fixed special characters that appear in the shipping address Some special characters did not work in the Order's Shipping contact information. The field has been upgraded to support special characters.

  • Tech Corner

  • Reorganized Accounting Moving forward on the planned Accounts Payable part of PlantX and expanding the ability to export to more accounting packages, we've restructured the accounting components. They have been greatly simplified! We removed some older code that was never implemented, but always got in the way of new changes.
    1. Accounting components are no longer specific to Account Receivable, which means they can be used for A/P and G/L features.
    2. Export is no longer QuickBooks specific, so other accounting exports can be supported (e.g. AccountMate).
    3. Less programming code means easier to maintain or create new features.
  • Added more view columns When selecting customer accounts for reports, there are two more columns to choose from, Billing State and Shipping State. Previously, there was only the State column, which was tied to the billing address. The state from the shipping address can now be used to sort and select accounts.

  • CC sales reps when emailing invoices and order forms Each sales rep can now be assigned an email address (Action > Maintain > Sales Reps). If you like to CC the sales rep when sending invoices and order forms, there's a member setting that will include the sales rep's email address on CC address line.

  • Friendlier "From" email address When an email is sent from PlantX, it uses the address The address was required to avoid being blocked by spam filters, as the from address had to appear as coming from our server. We now support the ability to use your email address. However, before we can do that we must ensure that you have the right email configuration. We will be working with each member to make the appropriate email settings, which will then allow the PlantX server to use your personalized email addresses in the message From field.

  • Tech Corner

  • More new tech! We've vastly improved the way we can store random resources on the PlantX server These are things like website template files, report templates, and any odds and ends files needed to support operations. Rather than store these resources in the database, they are stored in the server's file system, much like you would store and organize your spreadsheets or word processing documents in various folders. We've had similar features for other parts of PlantX, but this is now standardized. This approach has great rewards!
    1. The database is smaller. Resources are often large complex, non-text chunks of data that don't fit well in a database which slows down database operations, like adding new records.
    2. Faster backups. Resource files are often larger than 1MB and not very database friendly, don't compress well and tend to bloat typical databases. This was slowing down the nightly backup. The files don't change often, so kept in their file form they backup much quicker.
    3. We can now keep multiple revisions of the same file. For example, if a webpage template is broken from a bad change, we can restore an older working version.
    4. Open to new features! We can expand PlantX to store many more types of resources. On our short list, we plan to store sent emails on the customer's account so you can see exactly what was sent. Or perhaps the ability to store scanned documents for each customer.

  • General maintenance In material batch change, the "Show on Web" is now called "Publish" to fall in line with standards. When viewing order periods, the list of orders in the Orders Tab is limited to showing only the last year, so the view loads quicker.
  • New Allocations View for the Inventory Window If you would like to see the allocation details for the orders in the Inventory Window, there's a new View menu option. When you activate the Show Allocations View, whenever you select an Order Item, it view will show the allocations for that order item. This way you can review and update the allocated inventory without ever leaving the Inventory Window.

  • Local sync folder path can now be set for each membership If your logon allows you to maintain more than one membership, you had to change the Local Folder for each member. Now PlantX will remember a local folder for each membership you subscribe to, which will save time when synchronizing website templates or report templates.

  • Webmaster Edition: Added a tool bar button to quickly sync website template files You can simply press the toolbar button to synchronize files from your desktop folder to the server.
  • Added common name to catalog views The Inventory Window and other places where you view the catalog items as a tree view, now includes the common name.

  • Bug Fix: lengthened the customer note field The customer notes field was being limited to 500 characters, but it has been extended to 2000 characters.

  • Upgrade websites to use a new service manager Always working to improve website operations, we created a new "Web Service Manager" tool that helps us setup new websites as well as monitor and control them.
  • Minor patch When you change nearly a third of the PlantX software, something is bound to be missed! In this case, adding an order had the wrong date if you weren't in the Pacific Daylight timezone. We changed 100,000 lines of code and we got 2 wrong, and this release fixes them.
  • Major upgrade to server There are over 500 "transactions" that the server must perform, everything from adding a material, creating an invoice, or adding an item to your website shopping cart. This release of PlantX upgrades all of the transactions to use new code. This change has been in development since April and required that 1100 program files, or roughly 30% of the system, to be updated.

  • What does this do for you? The system is now 13% smaller, which now means the upgrades are 13% faster. It means the server loads less programming code, which means it is now faster. But most importantly, it standardizes a lot of programming necessary for us to move on to writing some new features for better stability, e.g. fewer disconnects.
  • Added more options when an order is copied When you copy an order, there is a prompt to reset the pricing to catalog pricing. Now there are two more options: reset the discounts and clear the special check box.

  • Add column to Statements Window The last statement date has been added as a column to the statements view.

  • Consignment Edition: added search features for gift certificates The consignment application will now filter on date and certificate ID. The sales application has a new option to view the certificate without having to start a sale.
  • Maintenance upgrade for minor fixes and tuning.

  • Bug Fix for Small issue with drawing of catalog items in a "tree" view When a catalog item was changed, some tree views showing catalog items did not refresh cleanly.

  • Bug Fix for Load Manager view not expanding automatically If the timing was off, the tree did not expand correctly. It is more consistent now.

  • Bug Fix for A rare database error causes PlantX to stop responding and disconnect An obscure error message wasn't getting reported correctly, and consequently PlantX would appear to hang, waiting for a response. The response is now correctly sent back and PlantX will complete, showing the correct error message.

  • Web Improvement Better sign-in handling. Now when a link is clicked, and it requires a sign in, the sign in will go directly to the selection after the login is complete. It used to only go to the "Account" page. Although the feature has been added, it will take about a week to update all members' sites with this feature.
  • Removed a feature from Sales Rep Edition The option for setting the reporting year appeared on the Sales Rep Edition, which was unnecessary. It has been removed.

  • Delete multiple Quick Pics at once You can now select multiple Quick Pic pictures and remove them at once. That way you can periodically clean up the list much easier.
  • Added PO number to Credit Memo Window Previously the PO number could only be referenced on the invoice, but now a PO number can be shown on a credit memo.

  • Truck Window view divider is remembered If you drag the horizontal separator between the left and right half, PlantX will save the position and recall it the next time you open the Truck Window.

  • Added patent number to the labels The patent number can now be added to your plant labels.

  • Bug fix for "Detail sheet not found" The error message was incorrectly shown if the report lacked enough data to create a report. It now shows the correct error message indicating the report lacks enough information.
  • Sales Rep on Debit and Credit Memos Debit and credit memos now support changing the sales rep. The sales rep field is now on the Misc Tab. This allows for more accounting reports that summarize accounting documents by sales rep.

  • Bug fix in Materials Windows An error caused the materials list to draw incorrectly while editing the plant facts. The issue has been fixed.

  • Bug fix in Consignment Edition The vendor window would not open if the customer window was already opened. The vendor window now opens correctly.
  • Cart Reminder Audit for Web Users At the beginning of this month, we added new features to our Web Users screen. One of these features was the ability to send an Abandoned Cart Reminder email to users that have items in their cart but haven't submitted an order yet. We have now added an audit of when the last time you sent an Abandoned Cart Reminder email under the History tab of a web user.

  • Invoice Sort Order Bug Some of our members have noticed their discounts gathering at the bottom of their Invoices. We have investigated this issue and found there was a hiccup while the document was being generated. Our update should fix the issue, but if you notice the sort order changing, feel free to give us a call.
  • Improved Tree-Table Views (TTV) We've done extensive work on the Tree-Table Views (TTV) that are used throughout PlantX. The effect should be fewer bugs in the display and faster operation. It reduces the amount of code we need to write for new features and shrinks the overall size of the system. We will now begin applying the TTV to other areas of PlantX.

  • Include Order Comments from Web Your customers have always had the choice to enter comments on any order that they place on the website. These comments later show on the Order Messages/Notes tab but some users have found they needed to read the comments even before looking at the order. We have now included the comments field on your automatic order notice email so you can read at a glace what your customer is trying to communicate.

  • Changed Invoice Checkbox Label When Creating or Updating an Invoice, users have the option to manually override which invoice they would like to update. This feature has always been there, but hidden behind a "Show All" check box. We changled the label to say "Choose Exsisting Invoice" for a more intuitive choice.

  • Document Listing Bug Fix There are two areas to print a Document Listing from. You can choose to print from Add Reports or Action | Documents. Some of our users had noticed a difference between printing in Add Reports vs the Documents screen, even though they were using the same template. We fixed any inconsistencies so you are free to print from where ever you like.
  • Null Error on Accounting Documents Some of our members have encountered a "Null Error" after attempting to change a field on their Credit Memo or Payment documents. There is some extra strict checking of the accounting documents for payment terms, except credit memos and payments don't have terms or have a way to change them. This fix allows the Credit Memos and Payment documents to forgo payment terms and still be deemed acceptable accounting documents by PlantX.
  • Personalized "From" Email Address Any email addresses sent from the website or PlantX will now show as "" to reduce any confusion from your customers. Previously the email address was "" but we found many of our users having to explain it was from the program they were using and not a fraudulent account.
  • New Label Fields We have added six new label fields to the Label Designer to help you in the middle of Shipping! You can now select Shipping addresses by line, up to four lines. You can also select the Shipping City or State independently. The best part -- we added these fields for the Billing customer as well.
  • Add View Menu to Accounting Documents When inside of an accounting document (Invoice, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Statement), you can now click the "View" button to view the customer's account.
  • Material Facts Spacing Now when you add your Material Facts to your materials on the Materials screen, your web page should mirror the exact layout! Before PlantX compiled all of the line breaks to one paragraph, now you can have multiple paragraphs in your Material Facts

  • New Report Criteria Order Reports now have a subbed/not subbed toggle filter inside the Report Criteria that will allow you to remove substituted line items from an Order Report
  • Web User Enhancements We enhanced the Web User window to get the most out of your PlantX hosted website! You can now view Qty Ordered and Order Value on the web users screen. Add this column by clicking the Table Settings icon and choosing Select Columns.
    You may also notice two new icons, these are "Send Cart Reminder" and "Clear Cart". The Cart Reminder is an email that you can send to Web Users after they have abandoned their cart. It is shown that Reminder emails are a huge conversion tool for prospective customers.
    Finally, we have added new report fields for Web Users to build accurate reports on possible sales. You can find a copy of the report fields here.

  • Truck Notes Fix The Truck Notes field on the Trucks screen will now line wrap rather than expand the width of the field.

  • New Load Tab Column Choices We have added "Weight" as a Column Choice on the Load tab of an Order.

  • User Interface Enhancements Our goal is to help you use PlantX to efficiently manage your Nursery stock. We are in the process of enhancing the way our software is laid out to visually communicate the work flow.

  • Inspect Log There is now a running history of all changes made to the Inspect Log. These can be viewed under the History tab of a Supply.

  • Rapid Location Entry You can now enter a sequence of locations all at one from the Location screen. Simply highlight a location, click the "Repeat" button and enter the quantity of locations. Remember to start with a 0 base when numbering locations. For example, 001 - 200.

  • Change to Tag Designer The Order Item tag will now be called the Retail Tag that includes two new fields: "Retail SKU" and "Retail UPC". Both barcodes refer to the customer supplied UPC or SKU.

  • Deprecated Field Notice We have added a new feature that will notify you when your report uses a deprecated report field name. Deprecated field names are report fields that are less preferable to other field names that we created since then. The report will have the correct field name suggested. You can then choose to edit the field yourself or give us a call and we can fix the field and get you back on track.
  • Permission Changes for Archived Documents Previously users could change ledger documents even after they were archived. To prevent accounting errors, we disabled the ability to edit documents after they have been archived. You must first "un-archive" the document by highlighting the document in the Ledger Archive and clicking the blue box with a cross through it titled "Restore Entry".

  • Improved Customer Import Import customers with a .CSV file even easier! Simply upload the .CSV file to PlantX and map the columns to the columns in your spreadsheet. If you need help importing new contacts, feel free to give us a call!

  • New Tag Labels We have added the Catalog Item UPC and renamed the Order Item UPC to "Retail UPC". The barcode will resemble a boxed gradient to give you better control over the size of the barcode.
  • Column Sorting in Inventory Most of you are familiar with the column sorting in PlantX. We have extended this to our Inventory screen as well. If there are any additional columns you would like to see, please call and let us know!

  • Sub Multiple Orders from Inventory Screen Expedite your Order process by toggling "Sub" to multiple Orders at once. Note: this will not make any substitution changes to the Order, it will simply post the line item as "Subbed".

  • Web Changes The team at PlantX have been making big changes to the look and feel of your websites! Catalog, Comparison, and some Availability pages have been redeveloped with Angular code to speed up your page and increase user engagement. If there are any additional changes you would like to make, feel free to give us a call.

  • Order Tabs Bug Members noticed the Order tabs merging with the Label Designer tabs when switching between screens. We have fixed this bug so each screen will render their own design


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