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1995: The Roots of PlantX

The original PlantX program was created in 1995 to solve the chief problem for plant growers: easily allocating their limited plant supplies to consumer demand. Plants don't just appear out of thin air; years of care and hard work go into every one. As the plants mature and become ready for sale, only a limited number are available. Distributing them in a fair and balanced way was becoming more difficult as businesses grew. This is where PlantX stepped in to help. We solved this issue by giving the grower the ability to see their current inventory and manage the allocations, balancing the fulfillment of orders and keeping customers happy.

2000: Going Online

Fast forward five years to the dot-com era. The Internet was still very new and it was a "land rush" to put businesses on the Internet. There were grand ideas about running websites and building business, but the technology wasn't there to deliver. This didn't kill the need for online applications. C-Ware went to work, creating the online version of PlantX. A year and a half later it was installed for our first members.


25 years later, PlantX operates as an online service for more than 45 nurseries. It's formally known as Software as a Service (SaaS), or in market-speak, "Cloud Software." We write the software and operate the servers, while you simply run the software over the Internet. With its simplicity, it has a major advantage over the classic licensed software: we concentrate on servicing our membership rather than selling software or upgrades.

This means we can do far more than other software companies. We work closely with members, helping them make the most of PlantX. You will like us for our inventory software and you will love us for our service.