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Here is a recommended way of getting started with PlantX quickly.

  • Create a list of users and passwords so we can be ready with logins and permissions.
  • Send us company logos to use on your forms. Higher resolution the better.
  • Install PlantX on each computer system. ~10 minutes each.
  • Enter the material list. This is just the bontanical+common name. Save the descriptions, pictures and plant facts for later. Estimate 30-40 names per hour.
  • Enter the catalog. Use the materials that you just entered to create catalog items of various sizes (and other attributes). Be sure to use the Copy button to speed entry of like material.
  • Enter the pricing for each catalog item. You can use the batch edit to select all plants with the same pricing and update them at once.
  • Enter the locations for your inventory. Sometimes people just start with one location "Field", and then diversify later. It usually depends on the quality of your current inventory reporting.
  • Enter a crop to use for current inventory. (one entry)
  • Enter the supplies for each catalog item. From the Inventory Window select Supplies/Orders Tab and enter the supply quantity. Estimate about 30 per hour.
  • Enter customer information. There is an import from CSV file (comma separated values) that speed this up. Of course, it depends on the quality of your current list. You can create a CSV file from a spreadsheet.

Other considerations:

  • Entry of UPC codes which could require one additional data entry pass at the catalog.
  • Change customer settings for those customers that will use UPC and SKU codes.
  • Assign specific revenue accounts to catalog items. Most start with one revenue account, but you can use the batch change to update groups of products.

You are ready to start entering orders.

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